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Card Reader Kit –  TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit

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Elatec’s TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit is a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) card analyser and development kit that can be used to identify any unknown transponder technology at the customer facility. It is a useful tool for all Copy Monitoring Resellers who wish to be able to easily identify customer RFID cards and demonstrate NFC technology on-site. Copy Monitoring can assist you with technical training on using the powerful features of this ground breaking technology. Just some of the features and benefits are:

–  All-in-One Reader / Writer: 125kHz + 13.56MHz + NFC

–  Must-have tool for every salesman / analyst

–  Increase technical competency at customer visit

–  No need to send the customer card offsite

–  More than 40 different card technologies simultaneously

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