TCP/IP2 converter Elatec



TCPConv 2 is based on an embedded Linux platform. This allows very flexible implementation of custom applications.TCPConv 2 is configured via built-in web frontend. Printers connected to TCPConv 2 can still be configured via the built-in web front end.

The TCPConv2 allows connecting a device with USB- or RS232-interface to an Ethernet network. A typical application is the extension of a network device (e.g. a network printer) by a local peripheral device. It works with multiple authentication products. Simply insert TCPConv 2 into the existing LAN connection of your device. In order to do so, TCPConv 2 contains 2 LAN ports, which operate as a network router.

Works with Secure print and fast release terminals on PaperCut

Implementing card authentication alongside PaperCut is the simplest way for your users to authenticate themselves at the device across your fleet. Introduce features such as “secure print release” and FindMe printing to PaperCut on any network printer or MFD using one of the fast release terminals supplied by Copy Monitoring.

The TCPConv 2 fast release terminal has a built-in ethernet switch eliminating the need for an additional network connection and can also be connected with a numeric keypad to allow for fast release PIN authentication with PaperCut.

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