TCP/IP converter Elatec


Secure print and fast release terminals

Implementing card authentication alongside PaperCut is the simplest way for your users to authenticate themselves at the device across your fleet. Introduce features such as “secure print release” and FindMe printing to PaperCut on any network printer or MFD using one of the fast release terminals supplied by Copy Monitoring.

TCP/IP converter Elatec
A TCP/IP fast release terminal delivers card authentication to any network printer or MFD with no configuration or modification necessary to the device. This allows the integration of a comprehensive authorisation solution cost-effectively, without backfitting or even replacing legacy devices at high cost. Configuration is required at the PaperCut end, but follows a standard process and can be easily supported by Copy Monitoring. The TCP/IP Fast Release Terminal can be inserted into your network in front of many devices, with a TWN3 card reader connected to authorise print jobs. This enables your print devices to be easily and affordably integrated alongside your PaperCut card authentication solution.

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