TC4N Cartadis Debit and Credit Magnetic Card Terminal

The TC4N from Cartadis is a Debit and Credit Magnetic Card System Terminal


The Cartadis TC4N is a rugged and reliable pay-per-use copy terminal ideally suited for schools, libraries or other institutions where prepaid or account based copying is desired. The TC4N, when sold alongside a card dispenser or card reloader, supports prepaid copying with reloadable or disposable magnetic cards where users access a self-serve kiosk to purchase their cards or load credit. You can also assign up to 10,000 cost accounts to the TC4N, making account-based printing in a school or corporate environment possible. The terminal itself is reliable and rugged, particularly suited for high volume educational environments.

The Cartadis TC4N deals with the management and the sale of copies by using magnetic cards for any type of copying equipment. This rugged and easy to use magnetic card reader will facilitate the profitability of your copying equipment by its reliability in intensive self-service use.

The Cartadis TC4N benefits

  • Compatible with 99% of brands and models on the market Reliable and rugged system
  • Possible use of either paying or free accounts
  • Accepts paper disposable or and plastic reloadable cards.

The cards and compatible units

The Cartadis TC4N cards are credit-card sized featuring the high coercivity magnetic technology. Two types are available: reloadable cards, or disposable cards (not reloadable).|
Both cards are supplied blank and need to be recorded before use on the Cartadis TC4N. A reloadable card can be revalued and reused several times while a disposable card can be loaded only once.

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Additional information

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