TC11N Cartadis Debit Magnetic Card Terminal

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The TC11N is a vendor-neutral card reader ideal as a reliable pay-per-use copy terminal for libraries, schools, copy shops, and other institutions desiring a cost-effective and simple pre-paid copy system. The TC11N works by ‘locking’ a photocopier from general use until authenticated with a valid card, and supports prepaid copying with reloadable or disposable magnetic cards where users access a self-serve kiosk to purchase their cards or load credit.

Application Fields

  • The TC11N works with almost every brand of copier sold;
  • It’s rugged, reliable, and long-lasting in whatever environment you work in;
  • Supports either pay-per-print or charge-to-account usage;
  • Can be used with disposable paper cards or reloadable plastic cards;
  • Compatible with existing vending solutions by Cartadis

What cards can I use with the TC11N?

The TC11N supports credit-card sized high coercivity magnetic cards in two varieties: plastic reloadable (or reusable) cards, and paper disposable (one-off use) cards. Both are supplied to you blank, and need to be recoded before use with your TC4N. Reloadable cards can be revalued and reused several times, while disposable cards are valid for only one use.

What is it compatible with?

The TC11N can be used alongside the DRC4 Magnetic Card Dispenser and Reloader, the CD20 Disposable Card Dispenser, and the CR2 Magnetic Card Reloader, as well as the TC4N reader. Card dispensers and reloaders are fully autonomous, self-serve units and do not require intervention by an operator. It is also compatible with an optional P200N printer, and cards used with the TC11N are compatible with Cartadis’ range of payment solutions for vending machines.

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