CD6 / CD7 – Automatic Card (Paper or Plastic) Dispenser Kiosks

Cartadis CD6 and CD7 automatic card (paper or plastic) dispenser kiosks

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Built by trusted European manufacturer Cartadis, the CD6 and CD7 are automatic card dispensers designed to dispense cards with paid credit. They dispense either paper cards (CD6) or plastic cards (CD7) and can be configured to accept payment of the cards with both coins and/or banknotes. They are suitable for environments that require pay-per-copy MFP’s and printer use using ISO7816 format card technology. They do not require a network connection and can be left unattended for simple use as a stand alone unit. They can provide receipts and simple statistical information relating to card sales. They are highly customisable and easy to service with all parts being modular providing an advantage over other kiosks as it can be serviced by technicians and parts are very easy to replace.

  • Sturdy robust construction
  • Decal can be customised
  • Payment of the cards by coins and/or banknotes
  • Available for two types of cards paper cards (CD6) and (CD7) plastic cards
  • Available in four versions; wall (CD6/CD7) and pedestal (CD6STD/CD7STD)
  • Dispensing of cards in ISO7816 format
  • Door alarm and cash collect reports help with security
  • Very low maintenance and ongoing costs

The CD6 and CD7 are server less kiosks. They do not directly connect to any applications, such as Gespage. Instead they dispense cards that need to be pre-added to existing systems.

Lead time: Shipping lead time is usually 4 – 6 weeks

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 x 48 x 103 cm
Card Acceptance

MiFare, HiD, Magnetic, Dispensing

Configurable options

Coin acceptor, Note acceptor, Floor standing version, Credit/Debit card acceptance, Thermal receipt printer, Card dispenser