Flexible and scalable software to track and control
print, copy and scan across your entire network.

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PaperCut make awesome software that is simple and intuitive to configure and use. Our partners and their clients love it!

PaperCut is a simple software solution to cut printing costs, secure printed documents, and reduce paper waste in your business. Copy Monitoring specialises in both PaperCut NG (print control) and PaperCut MF (print, copy and scan control with hardware integration) The PaperCut products integrate seamlessly into existing print infrastructure and offers amazing features for BYOD, mobility as well as traditional secure release.

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Authorised Solution Centre

We are super proud of our long partnership with PaperCut. As an Authorised Solution Centre (ASC), we’re 100% independent and vendor neutral. Our comprehensive knowledge enables us to support all PaperCut products and all makes and models of MFP’s and copiers.  We work closely with a variety of MFD manufacturers and dealers to deliver a total solution to their clients. Specialised project management to implement PaperCut in complex environments, including cloud infrastructure, multi-site installations, print clusters, VLANs, multi-vendor sites, mixed OS, and specialist integrations into various third party accounting and legal systems. We work closely to support our partners and build bespoke PaperCut integrations, support third party systems, develop complementary systems and provide both on-site and remote assistance.

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PaperCut Products

PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is PaperCut’s core product. It delivers a complete solution for tracking print, copy, scan and even fax usage on a network. Supported on any OS platform, and it is supported on almost any copier! There’s scalability options, mobility options, and even some coffee options! Sys-admins just love it! Head on over to our trackusage site to learn more about Copy Monitoring and PaperCut’s partnership.

PaperCut NG

PaperCut NG is a server module that controls print on your network. It is supported on any OS platform! It’s simple to set up and there’s a wide range of free support resources online, or book some time with our technical solutions team for some expert advice. Head on over to our trackusage site to see how PaperCut NG via Copy Monitoring can help customers save.

PaperCut Views

PaperCut Views is perfect for small businesses and home users to start to understand print usage trends and forecast when they will next need to buy cartridges. This is ideal for any business planning growth as ensuring correct stock levels for consumables frees up cash flow, allows the purchaser to take advantage of promotions when relevant, and helps a business start to understand their own needs as they grow, best of all – it’s free! Head over to the PaperCut Views page to sign up and learn more.