Gespage Copy and Print

Simple cost accounting for public and self-service environments

Library and Self-Service

Libraries, Copy Shops and Hotels often face difficulty in managing users. Gespage allows users to easily purchase cards, create an account and self-manage their print and copy. Integrations with other solutions allow for more advanced commercial and university solutions, or use the solution alone for a fully autonomous print, copy and scan solution.

What is Gespage?

Gespage is an application designed to check and manage the usage of your print equipment, whether they are printers (network and local), copiers or multifunction (MFP).

Gespage also allows you to manage the users of these print points (access rights, quotas …).

The application is hosted on your print server (Windows or Linux) print server, and the web architecture of Gespage makes administrator access available anywhere from the network via a web browser.

Gespage from Cartadis is a simple to use cost accounting system designed for public spaces like libraries and copy shops.

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Public Workstations

Clever client applications that install directly onto public workstations allows guest users to securely print and release their documents with no risk of another user intercepting them! Now no-one will see you’re secretly printing out tickets to your favourite 80’s tribute act.

BYOD webprint

Users that wish to use printing services can easily navigate to a webpage and user existing account or create one. Users can upload and keep documents in a range of formats, add credit via PayPal, and even link their G Suite account.

Smartphone Apps

Easy to use mobile printing apps are available from the App StoreTM and Google PlayTM and the user can upload a pre-selected number of documents to cloud storage on the server, or configure the account to connect to Google DriveTM No additional servers or third party so ware is required! Just tick the Cloud op on in the Gespage web admin and you’re ready for the cloud!


Let users create an account and self-manage with kiosks than are simple to install and use, and allow users to create their own account, and add credit via cash or card, and transactions are easily tracked.

Copier apps

Gespage eTerminal applications provide a consistent user experience across a mixed fleet with the ability to select and and delete print jobs, and choose to release single jobs or print all. See the user balance and select billing departments and some MFPs will event let you change print attributes at the device

Copy shop

Allow users to purchase copy cards, print, copy, scan and top up their accounts automatically without any intervention from staff needed. The special Copy Shop function lets anonymous users perform trackable tasks that can be paid for at the completion of tasks.

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