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Collobos Presto

It’s All Here

Your complete enterprise print infrastructure. Presto includes mobile printing, Windows and Mac print drivers for centralized pull printing, secure release, and the extensibility and integrations you need.

Designed to Scale

Presto is full featured and scales from SMB to Enterprise. Flexible and modular, configure it to meet your organizations needs.

Plays Well With Others

Presto works out of the box with Active Directory and AD based print management. Directory Provider plug-ins can extend Presto to work with any Directory Service.

Save And Deliver

Presto delivers an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to save money and time by decoupling hardware from software.

BYOD First

Presto’s DNA is mobile. Whether a guest is printing one time or you have a student filled campus printing every day, Presto has robust solutions for your BYOD requirements. Apps are available for iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Windows 10.

SSO Friendly

802.1x enterprise Wi-Fi enables single sign-on to Presto via Directory Provider plug-ins. Users connect to secure Wi-Fi and Presto does the rest.

No Prying Eyes

All network traffic in Presto uses industry-standard, TLS 1.2 encryption. Critical for government, medical, enterprise, and education industries.

Cutting Edge

Real-time data streaming? Check. Distributed rule based systems? Yep. Multi-modal service discovery? Done. We use (and create) the latest technology to enable the simplest, most intuitive experience for users.

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