Cartadis Controllers

Sleek and robust kiosks and terminals for payments and
controlling copy, vending, laundry and carwash


Cartadis are a leading European manufacturer with 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and support of payment control systems for copy, print, vending and carwash.  Cartadis are our longest standing partner relationship with 20 years of close collaboration to build a highly respected product portfolio.

Many of the Cartadis products work in conjunction with your favourite print control software products such as PaperCut MF, Gespage, Drivve and Cartadis’ stand alone solutions are available for non-networked environments.

Elegant carwash, laundry and vending controllers use industry standard interfaces – allowing partial upgrades of existing fleets, or the ability to connect in with your preferred equipment provider. Combining the payment systems helps to build brand loyalty and increase revenue. Take a look at our products below, and use the contact form to get in touch.

Why choose Cartadis products?

User Identification

Cartadis products help identify users with secured magnetic stripe or RFID technology. Balances can be stored on a card, or in a database (both on premise and cloud options are available)

Easy to customise

A range of API and web services are available to allow for customised integrations into a variety of solutions. European designed and built, Cartadis products are durable and can integrate with a variety of solutions.

Global Support

Multi-timezone support with support offices in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, California, UK and France!


Stylish yet tough!

The Cartadis Car Wash controller is robust, easy to set up and maintain, highly customisable – and can have auditory local language easily added. Plus it can be connected to WashAdmin so you can keep an eye on your asset on the go.