Welcome to Copy Monitoring

In 1995 Copy Monitoring sold our first copy control system. Revolutionary at the time, the unit stored users' funds on the magnetic stripe of a student ID card. 20 years on and our solutions have evolved exponentially, but our commitment to quality and service has remained consistently high. We believe in choice, and our product portfolio is designed to afford you that choice. We believe in supporting our partners and delivering an exceptional customer experience every time. You'll find a vast amount of information right here at, but if you want to know more - or to discuss options - give us a call. We're happy to help!

Take Control of Copy and Print

PaperCut MF is 100% vendor neutral and cross platform. Track and control all print and copy on your network.

Cost Recovery in Public Access Areas

Gespage is perfect for hotels, libraries and other public environments to allow self-management of documents and funds by the user.

Document Management and Workflow

The Drivve eco-system allows easy document workflows in large organisations, with mobile solutions to enhance user experience.

Cloud Services

We specialise in both on and off site cloud services for printing and document management

Video Tours

Check out our video tours pages to see our products in action!

Support when you need it!

Experienced national support teams through our Alliance partners.